AoE Bad@sses

ChimiCard DarkThanatosCard DeidarabocchiCard DogSpiritCard EarthSpiderCard EvilMaidenCard EvilSkullCard FireDragonCard FireSoulCard FuhakuCard GamaCard GhostShipSpiritCard GiantCatfishCard GiantOctopusCard GoldRyomaCard GoldenFlowerCatCard HeavenRoarCard HikyuCard InvincibleSkeletonCard JadeRabbitCard KoufukuCard MizuchiCard Multi-tailEvilFoxCard NiraiBaseCard OilReturnSpiritCard One-eyedDevilCard One-eyedPriestCard OnikuitenguCard OshiraCard RedBeanCard RyomaCard SeaDevilCard SunekosuriCard Three-eyedPriestCard ThunderBeastCard TonchiCard VarunaCard WindGodCard WheelPriestCard YukiwarashiCard

These monsters can hit all your himes at once. Some can wipe out your entire front row in one turn. Careful planning and tactics are required to get past these bad@sses.

What is AoE?Edit

AoE means "Area Of Effect".

  • Game slang used to describe type of attack (Literally attacks all around "him"). Literally literally, not the secondary definition where literally means not literally. 
  • The weapon used can make damage over an entire AREA (in skg this means it can target all in one blow: monsters can hit entire front row/ himes can hit all monsters still alive in that room.)
  • Photo below shows Fuhaku striking all front row himes with 1 turn. 


Bad@ss Hall of FameEdit

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