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Award Platform of KoumeEdit

Award Platform of Koume

The place where Koume will give some gifts

This award platform is run by Koume.
Gives one Bronze Tickets  every 30 minutes, can hold a maximum of 10 tickets.

During Collect Magic Amulets Now event Gold was dispensed instead of Bronze Tickets

To obtain Award Platform of Koume, complete the following Subjugation Quest:

Devote Quest :

Award Platform of OyukiEdit

This award platform is run by Oyuki.

Award Platform of Oyuki

The place where Oyuki will give some gifts

Gives 5000 Bronze Coin every 8hr.

Sometimes during events it will be used for another purpose. For instance, during Garden Festival event (April 8 - 15 '14) she gave out Garden Tickets instead and by using them in the summons button we could obtain Garden Festival Deco  for our garden.

For Rainbow Ticket Time (June 17 - 24 '14) she distributed Rainbow Ticket Fragments which could be turned in via the quest 'Collect [Rainbow Ticket Fragment] x10 and turned in for a ticket used to Summons himes.

To obtain the Award Platform of Oyuki, complete the following Subjugation Quests:

Award Platform of SphinxEdit

This platform is run by Sphinx

Gives 6000 Gold after 3 hours then vanishes after you have collected

It is only available in the Shop for 1200 Power

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