• Gekko Rika

    Karob has been asking for awhile now just how he can get admin rights to this wiki. We've tried to catch 'maid' online at the game to ask but she seems to be AWOL along with the other founders of this wiki.

    Karob came up with a great solution last week: for us to ask to adopt this wiki. I am now in that process and the helpers at Community Central recommend that a blog be made so they can quickly see the dialogue going on here to make a quick decision.

    Please state your case by responding here. If I'm given bureaucrat rights I can then promote others to admin status and the wiki would improve.



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  • Gekko Rika

    Does anyone know why these 'top links' are showing up all over our pages? Did I do something wrong? Click something I shouldn't have? Or is it just something new on the wiki?

    NVM, it went away. That was weird.

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  • Gekko Rika

    Seasons Greetings Everyone

    December 23, 2015 by Gekko Rika

    Wishing you all the very best this Christmas season and a great New Year to come.

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  • Ciel neko1034

    New Member

    January 28, 2015 by Ciel neko1034

    Well, I'm Guessing I'm gonna Introduse myself......*Clears Throut* HELLO EVERYONE~!!!! I'm Ciel~, But Call me 'Neko-chan' or 'Ciel-chan' Or what ever Thats Confortble to Call meCiel neko1034 (talk), SO, I'm a Neko, A cute Lolita one and I'm also a Girl but I can Tranform into a Boy~. And~, I hope to meet Alot of people Here, So, I hope you guys Understand.....

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  • Aimeeluv

    Random Hime

    October 6, 2014 by Aimeeluv

    I think this one is from Zoushi. Her name translates to "Three Sun Moon" O.O

    Zoushi seems to have hime ive never seen before

    the special himes

    Probably Zoushi's SP Nata and Tensen

    Zoushi's SP Kogitsunemaru and Amenouzume

    zoushi's SP Izuna and Kayanohime

    I wonder who these hime are

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  • SnorlaxJeng

    Need to find out something but can't be bothered to head over JP Shikihime Wiki?

    Ask me and I'll try my best to import it over here. However, I will not guarantee whether it is current for Shikihime EN, as JP IOS Shikihime itself has some differences compared to JP Browser Shikihime. I am still however a newbie Wikia editor and would only fill in details, so I'll need someone to "beautify" it after I leave all the neccessary Informations.

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  • Jamie 1318

    Statistics chart

    April 29, 2014 by Jamie 1318

    Hello all,

    I would like  to see some kind of page for editors to see that is a collection of outcomes for random events of the games.

    Examples are:

    The odds of Hinatengu/sumikowarashi from fusing Kodamas,

    The odds of any particular Rare branch for a Hime

    Boss fight odds


    Fusion tot left outcome
    right outcome

    Kodama 11

    3 SumikoWarashi 8

    I collected some stats from my guild members as an sample.

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  • Geros

    Shrine of Precious Spear

    April 29, 2014 by Geros

    w1 komainu x3: / 220 coins / blunt spear

    w2 shisar x3: / 220 coins / spear / piece of precious spear / Brush of Training

    w3 nekomata x3: / 220 coins / famous spear / Brush of Training  piece of precious spear

    w4 komainu / nekomata / shisar: 220 soins / Master spear Brush of Training

    w5 Yasafurohime x3: 240 coins / 850 exp / piece of precious spear  Brush of Training

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  • Meidoxkuro-n

    now the game is getting over 1 month old, i see this question has been asked a lot lately, so if anyone can help with writing a guide to this, it would be awesome!

    please see: for more details on what i am asking for help with. thanks!

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  • Geros

    Does anyone know what does make specific hime talk to you when you finish a map?

    For example Yatanohime always says to me, we have collected Darknes, we missed Wing of Darkness and so on. But when I don't have any Yatanohime in my team That Red Turoeial gurl always pops up. How do I make other hime talk?

    I don't think it doas't have anything to do with "talk" (one you get for having 4 hime of the same type)

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  • Geros

    Well I'll leave this to you LeeZak, and Meidoxkuro-n  I can't be doing all the work right? :P

    You can make it preety right :)

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