Brush of [Stat]

  • Stats count towards Medicine Cap .
  • You cannot go over limit when using these brushes as a window will pop up saying you've reached the limit.
  • These brushes will add [Stats] to your hime and is just a quicker way than eating medicines from the Pharmacy. It also allows one to med a Hime that doesn't have the 'Eat' function unlocked.
Name Item Effect Obtained
Brush of Defense
Brush of Defense
Increases Defense by 1
Brush of Defense [Low]
Increases Defense by 2

Contribute Lost Item of Santa x10

Brush of Defense [Mid]
Brush of Defense mid
Increases Defense by 3

-Contribute Sakura Mochi x10
-Contribute Camellia Fruit  x7
-Contribute Chimaki  x10

Brush of Defense [High]
Brush of Defense High
Increases Defense by 4