Used to instantly boost any of your levelling Himes' EXP by 1,000 ~ 10,000

  • There seems to be a slightly higher chance of acquiring them by running the Daily Shrine Subjugations
  • Sometimes a Hime who has returned from Travelling   will bring you a Brush of Training as a prize for the 24hr Exploration. 
Name Item Effect Obtained
Brush of Training
Gain 1,000 Exp.
Brush of Training - Low
Brush of Training low
Gain 3,000 Exp.
Brush of Training - Mid
Brush of Training-Mid
Gain 5,000 Exp.
Brush of Training - High
Brush of Training-High
Gain 10,000 Exp
Brush of Training - Secret
Gain 100,000 Exp
Brush of Training - Sky
Gain 500,000 Exp

Note* Brushes are consumed items (meaning that, once used, they disappear) that can aid in making your Hime Team much more powerful through various effects. Brushes can be invaluable to you as a player, because they are so useful - but they can also be hard to acquire, or limited in quantity, or take some hard work to create.)

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