Brush of [Element] **Note: This brush adds to your Element Cap

  •  The only way to increase your Himes Stat Caps is to +1 your hime and to purchase a Brush of (Hime)   use the element release button (costs silver or power)
  • Be careful with these brushes as you will not get a warning window if your brush exceeds the limit and it will be wasted.
Name Effect Obtained
Brush of Wood
Increases element of Wood (REC) by +1

-Contribute 20x Wood Element Fragment 

-Contribute 10x Mountain of Sweet Potato 
-Contribute 50x Mountain of Sweet Potato = 5x Brush
-Contribute 50x Halloween Cookie 
-Contribute 5x Dream Cloth New Year Decoration 
-Contribute 5x Demon Arrow 
-Contribute 10x Handmade Chocolate

Brush of Wood・Low
Increases element of Wood (REC) by +2

-Contribute 30x Wood Element Fragment 

-Contribute 20x Sebum Mochi  
-Contribute 30x Demon Arrow
-Contribute 50x Handmade Chocolate

Brush of Wood・Mid
Increases element of Wood (REC) by +3

-Contribute 50x Wood Element Fragment 

-Contribute 70x Demon Arrow
​-Contribute 150x Demon Caltrop
-Contribute 100x Handmade Chocolate

Brush of Wood・High
Increases element of Wood (REC) by +4

Note* You cannot turn a Hime into a Brush of Wood