Chibi Summons

Save all your Silver Tickets for when it's Chibi Summons Week.

Note* Normal Himes will be removed from Silver Summons during this event

Chibi Rate of Summons
Basic 50%
Variant Basic 30%
Elite 20%

Table of Hime to BrushEdit

They can be turned into Element Brushes to help buff up your strongest Himes. 

Chibi Non-Event  Brush Value Event Brush Value
Basic n/a +0 Brush +3
Variant Basic n/a +0 Brush -Upper +5
Elite Brush  +3 Brush -Mid +15
Variant Elite Brush  -Mid +15 Brush -Sky +35

Unity Path

This has been made especially good since the ability to unity Story Himes to a higher tier was made possible. Basic Chibi > Variant Basic Chibi > Elite Chibi > Variant Elite Chibi

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