Damage Inflicted = ( Attack / 2 - Defense / 4 ) * Critical Chance * Number of attacks * Affinity

Affinity is 1.2 if advantaged, 1.0 if same type, 0.6 if disadvantaged.

Number of Attacks: Seems to be purely AGI based. May be AGI plus a random number or a static chance such as "double agi will doubletap"

Critical Chance: May be both AGI and tier-based.


crossposting from hime stats. Crit info from snorlax. need to edit later:

Every 2 points of attack add 1 point of damage. Critical will cause victim's defense to only account for DEF/6 reduction. Aka 120DEF = 30 Reduction > 20 Reduction on critical. Damage Formula as follows :

(Type Favor = 1.2 for favorable type, 0.6 for unfavorable type)

No Critical = (Attacker's STR/2 - Victim's DEF/4 )* Victim's Type Favor

Critical Hit = (Attacker's STR/2 - Victim's DEF/6) * Victim's Type Favor * 1.3 Critical Multiplier

No Critical Double Tap = No Critical DMG Formula * 2

Critical Double Tap = Critical DMG Formula * 2

The minimum damage taken is 2.

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