Map Two Subjugations

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"I heard that this used to be a big mine exploiting
minerals in large quantity.
But due to the over-exploitation of human, the Earth
God has been angry and sealed the place.
But it seems that something still remained inside..."

Exp 800 1200 1600
Floors 3
Rooms 4
Deserted Mine

You will receive Brush of Training - Low after clearing this subjugation.
In addition, you will unlock Great Pit of Madarame Plain, and Castle of Fame. Passing Deserted Mine (silver) will unlock Ashigara Mountain .

New Enemies:


Aside from the boss, encounters for each wave are randomized.

Floor 1, Waves 1-4:

Floor 2, Waves 1-4:

Floor 3, Waves 1-4, Boss:

Silver Difficulty

Same waves as Bronze, just higher stats.

Gold Difficulty

Same waves as Bronze and Silver, just even higher stats.
Some monsters now have skills:



Floor one reward:

Floor two reward:

Final reward:


Recommended Party: Melee x3 / Recovery x2 / Spear x3

With three floors of four rooms each this dungeon is quite a slog, so bring a good supporting team of Recovery Hime.

Boss Guide: Fire Soul does AoE Magic damage that hits all Hime in your front row with every attack. She has moderate attack and HP so your spear/bows will need to have enough health to take her down. The encounters beforehand are relatively easy and should give you an opportunity to heal.


  • Monster Tips: of this dungeon is the One-eyed Priests(x2) on the floor 3. The boss is rather weak compared to them. There's a probability that you won't encounter them. You may consider to try until you don't encounter them in your way. They are AOE axes so slow that even axes can double-tap them, also low def/hp and great attack like other strong enemies on map2. Against them you should better prepare mages, or axes if you don't have mages, because your bet is to kill them as fast as possible.

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