This page is for general contribution advice, guidelines, and a place to post and argue about template links..

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More contributions are needed to fill out this page. If you are looking for guidelines on how to edit the Editing Guide, please message maidxclone.

Page FormattingEdit

This section should tell you how to set up a page on any particular subject.

Shikihime PagesEdit

Hime Template

Special Hime Template

Story Hime Template

Underworld MonstersEdit

Monster Template

Special Monster Template

Encountered Boss Template

Devote Boss Template

Subjugation PointsEdit

Subjugation Template

Daily Limited Template

Event Only Template


Item Template


Quest Template (old)

Event Quest Template (new jp style)

Useful TipsEdit

How to link to a CategoryEdit

Note* Don't forget the colon right at the beginning.... see photo

Link Category

So, for example.... if I was referring to Variant Elite Himes and wanted to link it :

  • Since there are only category pages for all hime rarity types and not actual wiki pages (we don't need both and all info is on category page anyways)... this is how you would do that
  • You don't need to go to source mode to do it.... you can write it the exact way as in the photo right on the visual editting page
  • Variant Elite Himes.... (but you will need to look in source mode to see what I typed)

How to Access TemplatesEdit

Sometimes a template needs updating... for example:

For instance: if I were trying to add to the AoE Badasses Template the address bar would look like this
Template address

But the easiest way by far is just to go to the Navigation Template on the Category list

Category:Navigation Templates