Element Cap is a Bonus to the stats that can be only be obtained with Element Brushes

(planning note for wiki contributors - key points to write about -  which hime to brush, what stats to brush, when to brush, how to brush for best results,  value of card vs stats gained,  etc tbc ]

The Element Cap can be increased when you +1, +2 your hime or by purchasing/using Brush of (Hime) See Stat Caps for a further explanation

Base Element Caps:

Basic 10 10 10 10 1
Variant Basic 20 20 10 20 2
Elite 30 30 20 30 2
Rare 40 40 20 40 3
Variant Elite 50 50 30 50 3
Superior 100 100 60 100 4
Extremely Rare 120 120 70 120


Superior Ex. Rare 140 140 90 140 6
Ultimate Extremely Rare 170 170 100 170 7
Foreign 80 80 50 80


Foreign Rare 130 130 80 130 5

Note - Variant Superior, Variant Superior Extremely Rare, Foreign Extremely Rare, Legendary and Special Edition Himes have their own Element Caps for each Hime.

Keeping TrackEdit

Below is a photo of a portion of my list of Himes that are ready to have their Element Stats boosted. Some I have purchased the Brush of [Hime] for so it will say +6 Brush.

As you can see I am currently working on making a Cho Haba and have already purchased the 6 Brushes I'll need (for both Amen and Cho) just in case I forget to do that before unity. 


I like to build up the Defense of my Hime first, that way they have a better rate of survival  in the dungeons. But some players would rather do Attack first as that would make their Hime an asset for Pandemonium. Then again, maybe some believe Agility is the ticket so that their hime can double-tap (this is what I brush 2nd).... it's really up to you.