Endless Inferno


  • Map Three [ You can run this dungeon after you've reached Player Lvl. 10 ]
  • As of June 2nd, every 10th floor can drop Pandemonium's Item Cards.

Endless Inferno has a separate ranking to show who reaches the highest number of floors


  • You can use Broken Stone Statues and Bronze Statues but the count goes down by 1 for every 10 floors cleared.
  • You can use this place as free Bottle of God Wine by putting the himes you want to full heal in the deck(s), start the challenge then refresh browser.
  • If you cannot reach the end of Endless Inferno quickly, you can leave half way by creating a checkpoint then come back to challenge later. 

Notes* Results from [Continue Challenge] will not be reflecting in the ranking and after leaving Endless Inferno you must wait 24 hrs. to be able to use the feature [Continue Challenge].

Unique Skills Edit

  • Heavy Pressure : Inflict damage equal to 70% of remaining HP of the opponent (Monster version of Rock Crushing Shock)
  • Swift Strike : Attack first and double tap (Monster version of God Speed)
  • Killing Strike : One-hit KO (Monster version of Slash of Doom - can be countered by Iron Wall)
  • Lightning Strike :  deal fixed 150 damage (Monster version of Love Beam)

Rooms 1-10Edit

Floor Monster Skill
01  Wild Fire x3 Sword
02  Tube Fox Spear / Wild Fire Sword
03 Tube Fox Spear / Oil Return Spirit Sprite *AoE*
Wild Fire Sword
04 Oil Return Spirit Sprite *AoE*
Yamaoroshi Sword
05 Yamaoroshi Sword / Paper Lantern Spear
06 Badger Sprite / Yamaoroshi Sword
Paper Lantern Spear
07 Badger SpriteFire Fox Sword
08 Fire Fox Sword / Red Demon Sword
09 Bone Ronin Sword / Fire FoxSword
Red DemonSword
10 Multi-tail Evil Fox Sprite*AoE*
Reward - Lava Statue of Koume 
Lava statue of Koume

Rooms 11-20Edit

Floor Monster Skill
11 Rock Head Sprite / Tsuchinoko Spear
12 Rock Head Sprite / Blue Demon Axe
13 Rock Head  Sprite / Blue Demon Axe
14 Chimi Sprite *Aoe* / Mouryou Sprite
15 Fire Dragon  Spear *AoE*
16 Kijimuna  Sprite / Fire Wolf Bow Fire Wolf: Mage Target
17 Unknown Fire SwordFire WolfBow

Fire Wolf: Mage Target

18 Crimson Lantern Spear / Sarugami Sword
19 Bone Samurai Sword / Sarugami Sword
20 Three-eyed Priest  Axe*AoE*
Reward - Lava Mass
Lava mass

Rooms 21-30Edit

Floor Monster Skill
21 Fire Demon x5 Sword
22 Demon Head x3 Bow
23 Hundred-eyed Demon x3 Bow Swift Strike (see above)
24 Shoukera Bow  / Waira Axe
Rokurokubi  x2 Sprite
Rokurokubi: Defense Up
25 Red Tiger Axe Heavy Pressure (see above)
26 Rokurokubi Sprite / Shirotengu Bow

Rokurokubi: Defense Up

Shirotengu: Attack Up + Mage Target

27 Echoing Spirit x2 Sprite/ Aun Sprite
28 Akadenchu x3 Spear
29 One-eyed Priest x2  Axe*AoE*
30 Succubus Sprite Heavy Pressure (see above)
Reward - Fire Pond
Fire Pond

Rooms 31-40Edit

Floor Monster Skill
31 Nurikabe x3 Axe

(L): Decoy + Endurance

(M&R): Underlying Strength


Nurikabe Axe / Beauty Spider Sprite

Nurikabe: Endurance
33 Hoan Sword / Nue Sword Hoan : Attack Up
34 Red Priest Bow / Golden Flower Cat  Sword*AoE*
35 Thunder Beast Sprite Lightning Strike (see above)
36 Red Priest x3 Bow  / Nocturnal Foot Sprite
37 Nocturnal Foot Sprite  / Hizama Spear    / Furi Sprite Furi: Attack Boost
38 Furi x3 Sprite All: Attack Boost + Attack Up
39 Hizama  x3 Spear    / One-eyed Priest Axe*AoE* Hizama: Mage Target
40 Golden Bird  Bow Swift Strike (see above) + Arrow Rain
Reward - Volcano Stage
Volcano Stage

Rooms 41-50Edit

Floor Monster Skill
41 Stone Lion x2 Sprite Stone Lion(L): Speed Up
42 Succubus x3 Sprite All: Heavy Pressure (see above)
43 Cassowary Sprite   / Hikyu Sprite Cassowary: Swift Strike (see above)
44 Fire Wolf x2 Bow  / Gold Ryoma  Spear*AoE*

Fire Wolf: Gambling

Gold Ryoma: Decoy

45 Kinnara x3 Sprite Mage Target + Melee Target
46 Hakutaku Spear Killing Strike (see above)
47 Jade Rabbit Axe*AoE*
48 Thunder God Sprite Lightning Strike (see above)
49 Onikuitengu Sword *AoE* Deep Cut
50 Eight-forked Serpent Sprite
Reward - Eight-forked Serpent Statue 

Note* 51+ *Restart from Floor 01 with increasing stats*