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Date Name Subjugation/Item New Hime
January 17th to January 24th
  • ??Hinokagutsuchi
January 10th to January 17th
December 27th to January 10th 


Date Name Subjugation New Hime
December 20th to December 27th 
December 13th to December 20th 
December 6th to December 13th 
November 29th to December 6th
November 22nd to November 29th
November 15th to November 22nd
November 8th to November 15th
November 1st to November 8th
October 18th to October 25th
  • Halloween Campaign
October 11th to October 18th
October 4th to October 11th
September 20th to October 4th
  • Silver Week Campaign
September 13th to September 20th
September 6th to September 13th
August 30th to September 6th
August 23rd to August 30th
Week 2
  • Big Triangle of Summer Campaign
  • Chibi Amanosagume appearance
August 9th to August 23rd
August 2nd to August 9th
July 26th to August 2nd
July 19th to July 26th
July 12th to July 19th
July 5th to July 12th
June 28th to July 5th
June 21st to June 28th
June 14th to June 21st
June 7th to June 14th
May 31st to June 7th
May 24th to May 31st
May 17th to May 24th
May 10th to May 17th
April 26th to May 10th
April 19th to April 26th
April 12th to April 19th
April 5th to April 12th
March 29th to April 5th
March 22nd to March 29th
March 15th to March 22nd
March 8th to 15th
  • Legendary Class Campaign
March 1st to March 8th
  • Hinamatsuri Campaign
February 21st to March 1st
  • 4th Anniversary Campaign
February 14th to February 21st
  • Valentine Campaign
February 7th to February 14th
  • Savings Campaign
January 31st to February 7th
  • Super-campaign Campaign
January 24th to January 31st
January 17th to January 24th
  • New Spring Campaign
January 10th to January 17th
  • New Year Campaign
December 26th to January 31st
  • Monthly Strengthening Campaign

Current Patch NotesEdit

Event Page
Patch Notes

New Year CampaignEdit

Event Period: 10th January 2017 - 17th January 2018

1. Kei Guhin Released! Summon Rate Greatly Increased!Edit

During the event, the initial release of the Kei Extremely Rare Hime, Kei Guhin, will have a summon rate of 2.4%.
-Kei Guhin-

  • Kei Extremely Rare tier, Magic-type Hime.
  • Maxed stats are on par with Ult. Foreign ExRare tier.
  • At +1 rank, Level Cap is increased to 30, and is able to learn 4 skills at lv30
  • Has 2 Unique Skills

Kei Guhin Unique Skill 1: Flow of All Creations [万物流転]

  • 5% chance to attack all enemies.

Kei Guhin Unique Skill 2: One-Eyed Incantation [独眼の呪術]

  • When there are no dying enemies around, 70% chance to target Sword/Axe type enemies.
  • ATK is increased by 30% for that attack.
The summon rate for other Kei ExRare Hime excluding Kei Guhin will be the original 1.2% in Rainbow Summon.
The above mentioned skills are at Skill Lv1.
The required Killing Stone Fragments required to obtain the unique skills are set to be lower than the requirement of Ult. Var. Superior ExRare skills.
Can be obtained from Rainbow Summon.
Evolution Path to be implemented in the future.

2. Return of Special Hime!Edit

During the event, Special Hime from past campaigns are making a comeback in Summons.
-Gold/Rainbow Summon-

-Silver Summon-

Their Summon Rate are as follows:
-Rainbow Summon-

-Gold Summon-

-Silver Summon-

3. Daily [Brush of Unity - Low] as Present!Edit

During the event, 1x [Brush of Unity - Low] will be given out daily as present in addition to the daily login bonus.

4. Special Hime Exclusive Subjugation drop rate and drop amount increased!Edit

MAP 2 Special Hime Exclusive Subjugation Ashigara Mountain (足柄山), the minimum drop amount for [Playing Stone] (遊び石) has been increased to 2.
MAP 4 Special Hime Exclusive Subjugation Dragon Palace (竜宮), the drop rate of [Treasure Box] (玉手箱) has been greatly increased.

5. Event Limited Baskets in Shop!Edit

During the event, [Big Basket] will be available for purchase in Shop.
[Big Basket] needs to be used in the items section after purchase to receive the items inside.
Duration: 13th December 2017 - 27th December 2017 (2 Week)

Item Contents Cost
[Big Basket](Pine)-One
Rainbow Ticket x7
Special Karura x1
[Big Basket](Pine)-Two
Rainbow Ticket x7
Chibi Murasakinokimi x1
[Murasakinokimi Bronze Statue](紫の君銅像) x1
[Big Basket](Bamboo)-One
Rainbow Ticket x4
Silver Ticket x2
[Kuzunoha's Reward Platform](葛の葉の褒美処) x1
[Big Basket](Bamboo)-Two
Rainbow Ticket x4
Silver Ticket x2
Special Kurakakemiya x1
[Big Basket](Bamboo)-Three
Rainbow Ticket x4
Silver Ticket x2
Special Oyuki x1
[Big Basket](Plum)
Rainbow Ticket x2
[Kyuubi's Reward Platform](九尾の褒美処) x1
[Support Basket]
Rainbow Ticket x1
Brush of Training - Mid x5
Bottle of God Wine x10
AP Recovery Pill x20
Medicine Tool (薬研) x1

Each [Basket] can be purchased once in the period of 27th December 2017 - 10th January 2018
Information about Ornaments are as follows:

Ornament Description
Murasakinokimi Bronze Statue
A Bronze Statue of Murasakinokimi.
Kuzunoha's Reward Platform
Kuzunoha gives you 3000 Killing Stone Fragments.
Disappears after use.
Kyuubi's Reward Platform
Kyuubi gives you 1000 Killing Stone Fragments.
Disappears after use.

New Subjugation AddedEdit

A new Subjugation, Mountain of Snake Hunting (大蛇狩りの山) has been added to MAP 1.

To enter [Mountain of Snake Hunting], the following quest must be completed:
 Let's confirm the location of [Mountain of Snake Hunting]!
[Mountain of Snake Hunting] is a dungeon limited to Wednesday.

[Underworld Passage] UpdatedEdit

Special Map [Underworld Passage] has been updated with new enemies and quest rewards.
Next update is 2 weeks later on 24th January 2018.

[Garden Boasting Contest] Entry Period EndedEdit

The Entry Period of Garden Boasting Contest has ended.

Game Adjustment & Bug FixesEdit

The following bug has been fixed:

  • Fixed a bug where if Cho Shiramine has learned the skill Anticipated Preemptive[予期先制], the battles in Subjugation would not progress.
  • Fixed a bug where the boss battle would not progress in the subjugation [Shrine filled with Moonlight] (月光満つる社).
  • Fixed a bug where [Cho Karura] did not appear in the subjugation [Shrine filled with Moonlight] (月光満つる社).

Also, with the above bug fixes, contents of the subjugation [Shrine filled with Moonlight] (月光満つる社) has been adjusted.

Ended CampaignEdit

The following Campaign has ended:

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