This page is now for events running on the jp version of Shikihime Garden. We will attempt to have it translated into English.

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Date Name  Subjugations  Himes
June 21st to June 28th
  • Limited Edition Returning Campaign
June 14th to June 21st
  • Skill Enhancement Campaign
  • Chibi Mikazuki appearance
June 7th to June 14th
  • Foreign Campaign
May 31st to June 7th
  • Seasonal Change of Clothes Campaign
May 24th to May 31st
May 17th to May 24th
  • Big Thanks Campaign
May 10th to May 17th
  • Happy Month Campaign
April 26th to May 10th
  • Golden Week Campaign
  • Garden Boast Contest

Current Patch NotesEdit

Event Page
Patch Notes

Limited Hime Returning CampaignEdit

Event Period: 21st June 2017 - 28th June 2017

1. Summon for a chance to get Limited Edition Hime!Edit

During the event. the following Limited Edition Hime will appear in summons:
-Rainbow Summon-

-Gold Summon-

The above Hime from Rainbow/Gold Summon comes with Good Fortune Bearer Lv.20.
-Silver Summon-

2. Get Returning Hime from Event Subjugation!Edit

Clear the Event Subjugation to get the returning Limited Edition Hime.
The returning Hime this time is as follows:

Clear the Event Subjugation [早梅の市場] to get [初夢の反物] which can be traded for the above Hime or other rewards in Quest.

Clear the Event Subjugation [紅葉狩りの森] to get [茜もみじ] which can be traded for the above Hime or other rewards in Quest.
The above Hime can be summoned in Silver Summon.
Drops from Event Subjugation may differ from previous release.
Entry Tickets for the Event Subjugation can be obtained from Daily Login or bought from Shop.

3. Get [Gold Ball] in Farm!Edit

During the event, [Gold Ball] can be obtain from Farm.
Gold Ball: Recipe - 60all, Duration - 03:00:00

4. Event Limited Baskets in Shop!Edit

During the event, [Big Basket] will be available for purchase in Shop.

Item Contents Cost
[Big Basket](Pine) - One
Rainbow Ticket x7
Special Taroubou x1
[Big Basket](Pine) - Two
Rainbow Ticket x7
Special Dojigiri x1
[Big Basket](Pine) - Three
Rainbow Ticket x7
Special Hizamaru x1
[Big Basket](Bamboo) - One
Rainbow Ticket x4
Silver Ticket x2
Special Tokagemaru x1
[Big Basket](Bamboo) - Two
Rainbow Ticket x4
Silver Ticket x2
Special Guhin x1
[Big Basket](Plum)
Rainbow Ticket x2
[Coin Purse] x1
(Set it in the garden to produce 100~300 Gold. 20 Uses.)

[Big Basket] needs to be used in the items section after purchase to receive the items inside.

Underworld Passage UpdateEdit

Special Map [Underworld Passage] has been updated with new enemies and quests.
Next Update is on 5th July 2017.

Ended CampaignEdit

The following Campaign has ended:

Game Adjustment & Bug FixesEdit

Fixed a bug where Five Element Release could not be done if you do not hold enough Silver for the full Five Element Release.

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