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Shikihime Service Closing Announcement
  • Events (for those continuing on the jp server)
November/8/2016 Nagatsuki Festival
November/1/2016 Bow Week
October/25/2016 A Shikihime Halloween and New Shikihime Cho Thanatos
October/18/2016 A Fire & Ice Week
October/11/2016 Train Your Shikihime
October/4/2016 A Special Week For Special Shikihime
September/27/2016 Festival Week
September/20/2016 Sword Week and New Ul Foreign Ex-rare Cho Shinso
September/13/2016 Training Week
September/6/2016 Fumizuki Festival

Tanabata Festival

August/23/2016 Skill Enhancement and New Ul Foreign Ex-rare Cho Bastet
August/16/2016 Limited Shikihime Return
August/9/2016 Spear Week and New Shikihime Race Ul Foreign Ex-rare
August/2/2016 Minatsuki Week and Exclusive New Player Event
July/26/2016 Summon Discount Week
July/19/2016 Magical Week
July/12/2016 Elemental Week
July/5/2016 Sword Week and New Ul Superior Ex Rare Cho Hizamaru
June/28/2016 Elemental Week
June/21/2016 Summon Special Discount Week and continuing both :Uzuki Festival and Champion Ranking New Season
June/14/2016 Uzuki Festival and Champion Ranking New Season
June/7/2016 It's Satsuki Party -Part 2 and Hello Garden Master
May/31/2016 It's Satsuki Party-Part 1 and Hello Garden Master and Facebook Event and Exclusive Beginner Packs and Ul Superior Ex-rare Cho Kuzunoha
May/24/2016 Foreign Festival
May/17/2016 Flower Viewing Party
May/10/2016 Summon Week
April/26/2016 Event Guild Boss Hunting and New Ul Superior Ex-rare Cho Ensu
April/19/2016 Axe Week
April/12/2016 Emblem Hunting Season
April/5/2016 Hinamatsuri Week
March/29/2016 Sp Hizamaru Week
March/22/2016 Sharing The Love and New Ul Superior Ex-Rare Cho Yamaten
March/15/2016 Setsubun Event andFacebook Event Like Share Rewardsand Champion Ranking New Season con't
March/7/2016 Celebrate 2 Year Anniversary and Champion Ranking New Seasonand Recovery Collectors con't
February/29/2016 Recovery Week and New Ul Superior Ex Rare Cho Karura and Recovery Collectors
February/22/2016 New Year Shikihime
February/15/2016 Star Hill
February/1/2016 Bow Week and New Legendary Shikihime Izanagi and Bow Collectors
Jauary/25/2016 Skill Enhancement Week and Cho Murasakinokimi
January/18/2016 A New Start
January/4/2016 Happy New Year


Date Name Wiki Link
December/21/2015 Magical Christmas
December/14/2015 Magic Week and Shikihime Collectors -No. 7 Magic Version and Amaterasu
December/7/2015 Foreign Week and Farah -Descendant of Flaming Serpent
November/30/2015 Summon Week
November/23/2015 Spear Week and Omoikane-God of Wisdom and Shikihime Collectors- No. 6 Spear Version
November/16/2015 Limited Shikihime Week and Kaku - Master of Face Changing and New Faces in Foreign Summons
November/9/2015 Shikihime Collector No. 5 con't and Enhancement Week
November/2/2015 Shikihime Collector No. 5 and Halloween Event Part 2 con't and Spin the Lucky Box Part 2
October/27/2015 Halloween Event-Part 2  and Spin the Lucky Box Part 1
October/20/2015 Halloween Event-Part 1 and New Map- Underworld Passage and Susanoo- The Storm God
October/13/2015 Sword Week and Taijouroukun - Grand Supreme Elderly Lord
October/6/2015 Nagatsuki Campaign and Summon Superior Chibi Shikihime
September/29/2015 Shikihime on the Beach
September/22/2015 The Big Three Campaign (cont) and Shikihime Collectors No. 4
September/15/2015 The Big Three Campaign (for 2 weeks) and New Feature: Friend Invitation
September/8/2015 Hazuki Campaign
September/1/2015 Training Support Campaign and Rainbow Lucky Box
August/25/2015 Support Players Week and Takemikazuchi the Thunder God
August/18/2015 Selected Shikihime Week  and Asmodeus- Queen of Demons and Shikihime Collectors No. 3
August/11/2015 Star Festivals
August/4/2015 Fumizuki Week
July/28/2015 Five Elements Week and Special Week for Chibi Shikihime and Tsukiyomi
July/21/2015 Axe Week and Thanatos
July/14/2015 Summon Week and don't forget Exclusive Events and Shikihime Collectors No. 2
July/7/2015 Another Special Week
June/30/2015 New Exclusive Events , Skill Enhancement Week and Hinokagutsuchi
June/23/2015 A Lucky June for Everyone and Recovery Week
June/16/2015 Minajiki Campaign
June/9/2015 Satsuki Campaign
June/2/2015 Uzuki Campaign - Spring Field
May/26/2015 A Bow Week
May/19/2015 Summon Week
May/12/2015 Skill Enhancement Campaign
April/27/2015 Golden Week and Freya andChampion Ranking
April/21/2015 Enhancement Week
April/14/2015 A Doll Festival and Chiru
April/7/2015 Magical Week
March/31/2015 New Adventure
March/24/2015 Setsubun Campaign and Shiramine
March/17/2015 Celebrate 1 Year Anniversary - Part 2
March/10/2015 Celebrate 1 Year Anniversary - Part 1
March/2/2015 Time to Earn Axe Shikihime and Amanosgume
February/23/2015 Better Week to Find Skills and Champions, It's Show Time (same as week before.. con't) 
February/9/2015 Champions, It's Show Time and Time To Earn Spear Shikihime and Osaki
February/2/2015 Great Summoning Time
January/26/2015 Good Luck is Coming
January/19/2015 More Chance for Powerful Shikihime and Kumano
January/12/2015 Special Week for Chibi Shikihime
January/5/2015 Get Elite Chibi Shikihime & Special Gift and New Year With Good Fortune (same as week before.. con't)


Date Name Wiki Link
December/29/2014 New Year With Good Fortune and Mikazuki
December/22/2014 Its Christmas Time
December/15/2014 Christmas is Coming
December/8/2014 Summon Cho Hime Shikihime and Cho Otsuno
December/1/2014 Time to Summon Special Kuuko and Week of Spear Shikihime
November/24/2014 Thanksgiving Time and Week of Recovery Shikihime and Cho Oyuki
November/17/2014 Power Time Summon Time
November/10/2014 Fight With Your Guild
November/3/2014 Cho Kurakakemiya and New Garden Contest
October/28/2014 Lets Celebrate Halloween Part 2
October/21/2014 Lets Celebrate Halloween Part 1
October/14/2014  Summon Time for More Shikihime and Cho Suzukagozen
October/7/2014 Bow Shikihime Week and Cho Kabukirihime
September/30/2014 Spear Shikihime Week
September/23/2014 6 Month Celebration Part 2
September/16/2014 6 Month Celebration Part 1 and Cho Amenohabakiri
September/9/2014 More Special Shikihime Coming
September/3/2014 Collect Items for Special Shikihime
August/26/2014 Great Time For Summon Battle and Sakuya
August/19/2014 Special Summons & Special Rewards
August/12/2014 Gifts For Updated Shikihime and Kuuko
August/5/2014 Sword Shikihime Week and Rewards For Battle Efforts
July/29/2014 Sweet Week of August and Fan Art Contest and Amanojyaku and Yatagarasu
July/22/2014 Subjugate Demons Get Rare Items
July/15/2014 Collect Magic Amulets Now and Taroubou
July/8/2014 Collect Seven Lucky Gods and Summer Garden Contest
July/1/2014 Power Up Time and Special Sonrei and Special Seitentaisei
June/24/2014 Special Item Time and Dragon King and Revuja
June/17/2014 Rainbow Ticket Time and Dojigiri
June/10/ 2014  

Collect Skill Fragmentsand Nata and Tensen

June/3/2014 Time To Raise Stats for Shikihimeand Sonrei and Seitentaisei
May/27/2014 Strengthen Shikihime With Skills
May/20/2014 Healing Week and Barahime
May/13/2014 Random Card Week and Ririmuhime
May/7/2014 Five Element Week and Happy Weekend
April/29/2014 Bow Shikihime Weekand Level Up Time and Sakahime
April/22/2014 Collect Shikihime Cards and Underworld  Battle Time and Kaguya and Kurama
April/15/2014 First Garden Contest and Kabukirihime
April/8/2014 Garden Festival Time and Oyuki and Otsuno

Shikihime Training Week and Special Kurakakemiya

March/25/2014 Time to Explore New Borders
March/18/2014 Warm Up Part 2

Warm Up Time For Shikihime Garden
Consisted of 4 mini events:
Event 1: First login, First gifts
Event 2: First charge, First rewards
Event 3: Race to the top
Event 4: Higher levels, Better rewards

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