Daily Limited - Drops Fruit

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Long time ago, a tree was worshipped my many people. But due to a special barrier, only certain Shikihime can enter. Besides, the daily battle times here are limited. Please remember that!

Exp 400
Floors 3
Rooms 2
Only Superior‏‎  himes may enter here. Chibi Superior included.
Note*Map Three [ You can run this dungeon only 5 times a day ]
Foot of Withering

Requirement to Unlock:
Clear the quest [Defeat Nue in Shrine of Black Smoke!] ([黒煙渦巻く神社] の[鵺]を退治するのじゃ!)


Aside from the boss, encounters for each wave are randomized. 

Floor 1, Waves 1-2:

Floor 2, Waves 1-2:

Floor 3, Waves 1-2, Boss:

  • (Boss) Mouryou Sprite *Defense and Attack UP*

** You have a higher chance of receiving Yuzu if you defeat the boss after encountering a Superior Hime; however, you can still receive Yuzu, Cherry and Apricot without encountering one. Usually receiving an Apricot is a given, occasionally a Cherry, and rarely a Yuzu if you haven't encountered a Hime.



Floor one reward:

Floor two reward:

Final reward:


Recommended Party and Boss Guide:

5 Superiors ( One being Kaguya [Rec] ) have a decent chance of making it to boss and defeat it. But it is highly advised to at least partially brush (med suffices) some of them (for best chance have Kaguya at least med capped - especially Rec stat and with a Rec skill like Rec UP if possible - if not all are brushed) especially Spear/Bow himes to beat the Boss as it can potentially 1-2 shot your unbrushed himes.

(2 Sword, 2 Spear, 1 Rec works well. Magic isn't necessary as much as Waira don't prove much of a threat even to the Spears.)

Fully leveled Special Superior Himes such as Special Higekiri or Special Kyuubi really help. If brushed fully, a team of 3-4 Special Himes can clear it very successfully.

Watch out for Bow Monsters targeting your Recs; a good strategy is have 6 himes with one to swap out the rec before swapping her back in to heal the team for each room.

The most important stat for this is defense followed by attack and agility.