Daily Limited - Drops Fruit

Daily Battle Daily Battle Daily Battle Daily Battle Daily Battle Daily Battle Daily Battle

There is fresh smell from the foot of Yuzu tree.
But due to a special barrier, only certain Shikihime enter.
Besides, the daily battle times here are limited.
Please remember that!

Exp 400
Floors 3
Rooms 2

Only Variant Elite Hime may enter here. Chibi Variant Elite included.
Note*Map Two [ You can only run this subjugation 5 times a day ]


Aside from the boss, encounters for each wave are randomized.
Floor 1, Waves 1-2:

Floor 2, Waves 1-2:

Floor 3, Waves 1-2, Boss:



Floor 1:Edit

  • 160-240 Coins
  • Encountered Monster Cards

Floor 2:Edit

  • 160-240 Coins
  • Encountered Monster Cards

Final Floor:Edit

Guides Edit

Recommended party:

Front Row: 2x Zashikiwarashi / 2x Senri / 1x any
Back Row: 2x Yukionna (rec med cap+rec up skill recommended)
+ Bronze Statues


If you don't encounter hime at pre-boss wave, it's recommended to refresh instead.

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