Map Three Subjugations

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Fort guarded by legendary axeman in the past.
You might find something related to axe here.

Exp 1150 1650 2150
Floors 3
Rooms 2
Fort of Axeman Thumb

You will receive Bottle of God Wine x10 and Book of Attack Boost x3 after clearing this subjugation.
In addition, you will unlock Cave of the Chosen and Unexplored Cave.
You will also achieve Player lv [13].


Aside from the boss, encounters for each wave are randomized.
Floor 1, Waves 1-2:

Floor 2, Waves 1-2:

Floor 3, Waves 1-2, Boss:

Silver Difficulty

Same waves as Bronze, just higher stats.

Gold Difficulty

Same waves as Bronze and Silver, just even higher stats.
Some monsters now have skills:



Floor 1:Edit

Floor 2:Edit

Final Floor:Edit


  • As you'd expect, nothing but Axe types inhabit this dungeon. As the type boasting the highest attack power in the game, even a type-resistant high defense frontline will be devastated. Efficient healing is a must to reach the end with enough himes to clear the boss. 
  • Monsters here are both tanky and strong. Buffalo Demons will absorb hits while Giant Boars dish out tremendous damage. Switching himes to refocus can be useful but generally if the first round of combat doesn't thin out the enemy wave it may already be too late to recover.
  • The last floor is a set wave consisting of: 2 Giant Boar, 1 Buffalo Demon, 1 One-eyed Priest. If your himes don't immediately focus on the Priest just restart as the DPS will hereafter be simply too overwhelming.
  • The floor boss Giant Hog, aside from being tremendously beefy, will reliably one-shot any hime you have. It is therefore simply a matter of making it down to the boss with enough himes left to absorb hits while your main DPS himes (hopefully) survive to whittle him down.
  • Three wheel priests and two one-eyed priests can be used to clear the first wave of the third floor. However, the hime should clear the first two floors and emerge with near-full health.
  • 245 Agility is needed to double tap the Giant Hog.
  • NOTE: 10 Wheel Priests cannot clear the dungeon.
Tondilew Clear Fort of Axeman, Shikihime Garden05:46

Tondilew Clear Fort of Axeman, Shikihime Garden

Shikihime garden - clearing fort of axemen in the worst possible way - by maidxclone05:03

Shikihime garden - clearing fort of axemen in the worst possible way - by maidxclone

maidxclone clears fort of axemen at request of guildmate youmu; is bad at it. *view on YOUTUBE or click file DETAILS for more 'helpful' commentary & annotations...

Regilure Clear Fort of Axeman Shikihime Garden03:35

Regilure Clear Fort of Axeman Shikihime Garden

Rec in FoAx Gold02:29

Rec in FoAx Gold

clearing FoAx Gold with only Rec Hime(and sp mob) -by Silvata

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