Map Three Subjugations

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Fort guarded by legendary swordsmen in the past.
You might find something related to spear here.

Exp 900 1300 1700
Floors 3
Rooms 2

You will receive Silver Ticket after clearing this subjugation.
In addition, you will unlock Shrine of Black Smoke and Cave of Ancestors.
You will also reach Player lv [11].

New Enemies:


Floor 1, Waves 1-2:

Floor 2, Waves 1-2:

Floor 3, Wave 1 & Boss:

Silver Difficulty
Same Waves as Bronze, just higher stats.
Gold Difficulty
Same waves as Bronze and Silver, just even higher stats.
Boss now have skills:


Boss x4:

Floor One:Edit

Floor Two:Edit

Final Floor:Edit


Fort of Spearman is exactly what it sounds like: All the enemies you will encounter in this dungeon are all Spear type enemies.

Because of this, it is heavily recommended that you avoid bringing any Magic or Recovery type Hime if possible.

  • It is best to bring Sword and Axe Hime, but permissible to have Spear Hime on your team. Bow Hime can work as well, but they may die easily due to the damage dealt by many of the enemies in this dungeon.
  • The enemies in this dungeon also appear to be pre-determined and not random. This means you should encounter the same pattern of enemies every time you enter this dungeon subjugation point.
  • Tip: The enemy that may be most dangerous to your team is Tonchi. Tonchi enemies deal damage to every Hime in the front row of attack (AoE damage) so be careful, and try to kill Tonchi enemies first. Swapping Hime to the back row and front again will roll a chance to reset their attack target if they are ignoring Tonchi at first.
Tips from tondilew (video also):
use all statue buffs
use hime with 160 base agi (chicks cant 2x hit your hime)
Tondilew clear Fort of Spearmen Shikihime Garden06:17

Tondilew clear Fort of Spearmen Shikihime Garden


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