The Garden is where your Hime live and love each other. You can have up to 12 Hime/Special Monsters in your garden at any time, upgradable with Power

In the game you can find many interesting and useful items to decorate your garden with. Some of them give you actual benefits or bonuses (examples: any of the Shops, certain statues...) while others are just there to make your garden look pretty. Right now you can have, at most, 160  items in your garden but you may purchase more space.

Some garden items can be bought with money, others can be found in certain dungeons, and some are available as special limited event prizes or quest rewards

By clicking the rice ball shop icon left-side on your game you will access 'all' garden items but you also may choose to separate them by categories by using the up or down arrows. These are the 9 categories they are currently divided into: