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Shikihime stats are Attack, Defense, Agility, Recovery


Every 2 points of attack add 1 point of damage. Critical will cause victim's defense to only account for DEF/6 reduction. Aka 120DEF = 30 Reduction > 20 Reduction on critical. Damage Formula as follows :

(Type Favor = 1.2 for favorable type, 0.6 for unfavorable type)

No Critical = (Attacker's STR/2 - Victim's DEF/4 )* Victim's Type Favor

Critical Hit = (Attacker's STR/2 - Victim's DEF/6) * Victim's Type Favor * 1.3 Critical Multiplier

No Critical Double Tap = No Critical DMG Formula * 2

Critical Double Tap = Critical DMG Formula * 2


Each 4 Pts in DEF reduces 1 DMG taken. Each 6 Pts in DEF reduces 1 DMG taken during Critical hit.


Each additional point of agility determines:

  • Who attacks 1st on the battlefield. (Having more than 150 AGI than the next highest AGI enemy/teammate will always guarantee you to strike first, Difference of 40 AGI has a 24.6% chance of the lower AGI unit to attack, 19.34% for Difference of 50 AGI, 11.66% for 65 Agi Difference, 6.18% for 75 AGI difference, 3.65% for 90 AGI difference, 2.81% for 95 AGI difference, 1.80% for 100 AGI difference. Targets with under 150 AGI has no chance of rolling to attack first.)
  • Critical Strike Chance (Critical chance is based on Hime Type and Tier, Highest being Bow>Magic>Sword=Spear>Axe>Recovery. Each AGI point is believed to increase 0.05% chance to Crit from Tier/Type Crit base.
  • Double Tapping (Attacking) [ If Agi is x2 of more than your opponent you have chance to perform Double Tapping ]

Recovery Edit

Note* [ Only Recovery Hime have this stat ]

Each additional point determines how much your Recovery hime will heal during battle / and at the end of the Wave.

Note that Higher tier Recovery Hime will focus more on healing in combat than lower tier Hime.