Hime Stone Statues buff your Himes in the same way as Bronze Statues do.

When placed in your garden, along with raising the Favorability of all Hime, they will add stats to all Hime of the statue's race or weapon type for 10 floors.

A 1-floor 4-room subjugation will count as 1 use of the statue, while a 4-floor 1-room battle counts as four uses.

All of the ones below (with the exeption of Event Stone Statues) can be created by finding a Broken Stone Statues 'recipe' and then using the Trade Quests to turn it in. But the statue itself can also drop at certain subjugations.

Name Item Effect
Kogarasumaru Stone Statue
Kogara statue
Boost +10 def for himes of Sword attribute
Komainu Stone Statue
Komainui Stone
Boost +10 def for himes of Spear attribute
Akki Stone Statue
Akki Stone
Boost +10 Atk for himes of Axe attribute
Shirousagi Stone Statue
Shirousagi stone statue
Boost +10 Agi for himes of Bow attribute
Tengu Stone Statue
Tengu stone statue
Boost +10 Atk for himes of Magic attribute
Tennyo Stone Statue
Tennyo Stone
Boost +2 Rec for himes of Recovery attribute
Amenohabakiri Stone Statue
Amenohabakiri Stone
Defense +30 for Shikihimes of Sword attribute 
Otsuno Stone Statue
Otsuno statue
+30 Attack for himes of Magic attribute
Kabukirihime Stone Statue
Kabukirohime Statue
+30 Agility for himes of Bow attribute
Oyuki Stone Statue
Oyuki Stone
+6 Recovery  for himes of Recovery attribute

Event Stone StatuesEdit