How to recognize monster classes(types)Edit

This is important to know monster's weaknesses. See Beginner Tips for more detail. Many people recognize classes of monsters' wrong by looking at their appearance. This never helps and often misleads. You can see most monster's class by looking at the icon on bottom right of the card, but u can't for most bosses. You can easily tell a monster's class by looking at their attack animation. All classes have their own animation, with the exception of Recovery, who share an attack animation with the Sword class. Recovery class now has a unique attack animation. Hime and Monsters share the same attack animation according to their classes.

Sword rec attack
This is a sword attack. The weapon isn't visible here, you need to watch that grey slash.
Spear attack
This is a spear attack. If you see a blue stick hitting from a side it's a spear. If you don't see it, it can't be a spear.
Axe attack
This is an axe attack. If you see an axe it's an axe. If you don't see it, it can't be an axe.
Bow attack
This is a bow attack. If you see an arrow it's a bow. If you don't see it, it can't be a bow.
This is a magic attack. This is an attack with lightning that emits a loud sound and a lot of smoke.
Rec attack
This is the J.S.L new recovery attack. It's an attack with a beam of light that kinda looks like Orihime's J.S.L(just a lot smaller).
Sprite Attack

This is a sprite attack. This summons a scary skull surrounded by a dark cloud. This a monster-only class.


Be prepared! Contradictions between monsters' appearance and their attack animation will violate your sense of logic and you will need to trust animations only. For example see Red Priest. He has a giant club and yet he is a bow.

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