Here is the list of In-Game Tips that randomly appear when entering specific zones:

Entering Garden

  • Hitting Space and move your mouse at the same time will activating scrolling function only.

  • Players can observe daily activities of Shikihime in the garden.
  • Activities of Shikihime will vary depending on the current number of cards.
  • Shikihime playing in the garden have some relationship with each other.

  • Items can be purchased by Silver or Power at Shop .
  • Ornaments or gifts from Garden can be put in the garden.
  • Ornaments or gifts from [Storehouse] can be put in the garden.

  • [Mail] can be used to contact other players.

  • In [Catalogue] section, you can see your total assets.
  • Collect as many cards and items as possible to fill up your [Catalogue]!

  • Take a look at the garden of your  Guild Members!
  • Cooperating with [Guild Members] may help defeating monsters from Underworld

  • Card combination or level up can be performed at [Card] section.
  • At [Combine Exp] section, Coins will be reduced by the exact amount of gained Exp. [half -rounded down]
  • Hime Unity requires cards with max growth limit.
  • Special Unity may require additional materials.
  • Materials will be consumed no matter what result of [Unity]. So pay attention to it!

  • Coins can be used at Summons section.
  • Using Summons will give stronger cards!

  • Regarding Quests section, there are some quests which are available only by completing other preceding quests.
  • Completing Quests will result in some rewards.
  • Completing certain Quests will give better rewards.
  • Some items can be obtained only by using rewards from Quests .
  • By completing Quests in Subjugation section, player level can be raised.
  • Complete as many Quests as possible to raise player level!
  • When player level is higher, the number of accessible battlefields will increase.
  • Battles can be activated right from [Details] part of a [Quest].
  • Before going into battles, cards need to be placed in [Deck].
  • Do not forget to add current cards to [Deck].
  • Fight against enemies from Battles section!
  • Monster cards can be also added to [Deck].
  • Sometimes costs of monster cards are quite high when being added to [Deck], so be careful!
  • When player level is higher, max amount of Action Points will increase.
  • Action Points can be restored by using items.
  • Action Points will be restored after a while.

Entering Battle

  • Arrange your [Deck] reasonably according to each type of opponents!
  • Cards with high agility may attack continuously.
  • Several battlefields may require certain conditions to access.
  • Monster cards can be obtained by defeating monsters on battlefields.
  • More and more strong monsters will appear along with your progress.

Battle Tactics

  • Shikihime or mosnters using melee weapons like swords or axes beat opponents using magic. [spears or bow] 
  • Shikihime or mosnters using long-ranged weapons like spears or bows beat opponents using swords or axes. [magic]
  • Shikihime or mosnters using magic like recovery or attack spells beat confronting opponents using swords or axes.

Entering Summon

  • Use Summons to call stronger cards!