Name Item Effect (Old) Obtained Notes
Iron Ball (Small)
Iron Ball (small)
  • Deal 2000 damage
  • Used to be good to throw in Pandemonium (Old)
  • Max capacity = 30 as of 18th July 2018
Iron Ball (Medium)
Iron Ball (medium)
  • Deal 4000 damage
Barbed Iron Ball (Medium)
Iron Ball (barbed)
  • Deal 5000 damage

Note* Because the Pandemonium system has been upgraded, these ornaments are no longer usable to throw at enemies. As the result, they were refunded with Killing Stones if you have some prior to the update:

  • Iron Ball (small) = 100
  • Iron Ball (medium) = 500
  • Barbed Iron Ball (medium) = 1000

In other words: the amount required (cost)  is equal to the amount obtained  Killing Stones