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Jade Rabbit? More like violent rabbit...
Full art. Appears when attacking the boss.

玉兎/ぎょくと Gyokuto

Catalog description: A holy rabbit living on the moon palace and pounding rice with mortar and pestle.

Release date:

How to encounter:


  • Attribute: (Axe) Note*  Does AoE  damage ]
  • HP: 30,000
  • Agility: 150-160

Participation rewards:


  • Jade Rabbit is nasty and wants to nuke your himes, all of them. She has a very strong AoE axe attack that can really wreck your himes. It is advisable to only use your best possible Magic type hime on her, and the more HP, Def, and Agi they have, the better.
  • A hime needs around ~320 Agi to double-tap (attack twice in one turn) her.
Jade rabbit encounter

Jade Rabbit is having none of your shit...

Jade rabbit vs QT

"nerf QT"