Killing Stone Fragments are required to Summon various Ornaments and Items. Most players just use the shortened term 'Killing Stones' or 'KS'

KS is obtainable from:

Killing Stone Fragments are the currency for Spirit Stone Summon in Summon.

Name Cost Note
Killing Stone Sprite 2000 KS
Killing Stone Fairy 5000 KS
SP. Nurikabe 1000 KS
SP. Kappa 1000 KS
SP. Bone Ronin 1000 KS
SP. Bone Samurai 1500 KS
SP. Invincible Skeleton 2000KS
Special Ikusahime 5000 KS Event Only
Book of Slash of Doom 1000 KS
Book of Rock Crushing Shock 1000 KS
Book of God Speed 1000 KS
Book of Reverse 1000 KS
Book of Spirit Dance 1000 KS
Book of Aroma of Healing 1000 KS
Book of Duel Wield 750 KS
Book of Charming Arrow 750 KS
Book of Killing Outburst 750 KS
Book of Song of Silence 750 KS
Book of Snow Blessing 2500 KS
Book of Unrest Avenger 750 KS
Book of Secret Elixir 2500 KS
Book of Restless Dedication 2500 KS
Book of Massive Attack 2500 KS
Book of Prophecy of Death 2500 KS
Book of Healing Smoke 2500 KS
Book of Slashing Frenzy 2500 KS
Secret Book V of Attack Boost 600 KS
Secret Book V of Defense Boost 600 KS
Secret Book V of Speed Boost 600 KS
Secret Book V of Recovery Boost 600 KS
Book of Furious Fighter 600 KS Event Only
Book of Lightning Speed 600 KS
Book of Die Hard 600 KS
Brush of Strength - High 450 KS
Brush of Defense - High 450 KS
Brush of Life - High 450 KS
Brush of Speed - High 450 KS
Apricot 150 KS
Cherry 300 KS
Yuzu 450 KS
Rare Seed 250 KS
Very Rare Seed 400 KS
Fast Grow Seed 400 KS
Iron Ball - Small 100 KS
Iron Ball - Medium 350 KS
Barbed Iron Ball - Medium 500 KS

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