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Magatama Guide

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Magatama are special jewels that you can equip to your hime, which will lock her automatically, in order to enhance her stats.

Currently there are 4 types of magatama: 

Name Item Effect Obtained

Dim Magatama

Dim Magatama

Used to enhance (+3) one of the following stats:
HP, Atk, Agi, Def


Pure Magatama

Pure Magatma

Used to enhance (+6) one of the following stats:
HP, Atk, Agi, Def


Shining Magatama

Shining Magatama
Used to enhance (+10) one of the following stats:
HP, Atk, Agi, Def or (+1) Rec

Rainbow Magatama

Rainbow Magatama

Used to enhance (+12) one of the following stats:
SP, Atk, Agi, Def or (+2) Rec

To EquipEdit

  • As of Mar 1st, up to 5 Himes can be equipped with Magatama at any point of time.
  • Shikihime equips with Magatama will be automatically locked.
Equip Magatama

Each Hime have a max number of Magatama Slots depending on their tier.

Tier No. of Slots Other Notes
Basic 40 Yuurei/Ningyo excluded.
They only have 20.
Variant Basic 35 -
Elite 30 Sorei/Nureonago excluded
They only have 20.
Rare 30 -
Variant Elite 30 -
Foreign 25 -
Superior 25 -
Extremely Rare
and anything higher
20 -

To RemoveEdit

  • To equip a new Magatama, your hime will need to remove her current one
    *Removing a Magatama will make it broken and unusable. Be Careful!!!!
  • Enhanced stats from removed Magatama will all be lost.
  • When Pure or better Magatama are broken, they drop Killing Stone Fragments.
  • You may click on a piece displayed in [Equipped Magatama] to remove just one or remove all at once by clicking [Remove] button.
Remove Magatama
Magatama Dim Pure Shining Rainbow
Killing Stones 0 0~2 30~70 331~447


To access this feature you must click the Item button on the left-hand game bar Combine Guide
It is now possible to combine Magatama of a lower quality for that of a higher one:

Material Result Success Rate
Dim Magatama x15 Pure Magatama x1 30%
Dim Magatama x450 Shining Magatama x1 30%
Pure Magatama x30 Shining Magatama x1 50%
Pure Magatama x150 Rainbow Magatama x1 50%
Shining Magatama x5 Rainbow Magatama x1 70%
  • The only materials you may use to increase success rate are Hime
  • There are only 3 slots to fill to help increase percentage

*TIP* Three Lv6 Elite Hime will get you the remaining 30% needed for 100% success when combining to a Rainbow Magatama.