([planning note for wiki contributors: explanation of med 'stat caps' and stat cap table for meds corresponding to each tier & type of hime wanted here - please add if you can])
Medicine Cap is a Bonus to the stats that can be obtained in either of these two ways:

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Himes can 'eat' the medicines that come from the Pharmacy-------------------------->

Other food items (like Roast Duck or Sweet Potato)  boost the defense stat and so does 'eating' any Armor items. 

Picking up or 'eating' Weapon items boosts the attack stat. 

Defense 1
SP 1

  • You will know when your Medicine Cap is reached because the stat will appear orange now istead of yellow
Only Kuzu's Rec stat is orange because ... well.... Now here is a very good Hime who has eaten all her medicine 
Combine 0

  • Warning: You have to pay attention so that your hime doesn't over-eat and waste these medicines. She will keep eating indefinately even after the med stat has turned orange. 

Note*  'Eat' function unlocks after you've obtained 2 of the same Hime. You don't need to still own both, as long as your cummulative amount is over two.... see Catalogue if you're not sure.

Only 1... 'eat' still locked We now have 2... can 'eat' This Seitentaisei can 'eat' but not 'talk' or 'play'


Himes can 'Combine Items' under the 'Card' tab. The items that add to the Medicine Cap here are :

Combine 1
Combine 2
Combine 3
  • This way can be used for Himes that don't have the 'eat' function unlocked yet, but it is also an easier way to keep track of how many more are needed to reach the cap. Your Hime will never over-eat these ones:

Keeping TrackEdit

Below is a photo of how one might keep track of all this  boosting of 'Med' Stats. I have used the reference 'Garden' to make a list of those himes who are able to 'eat'  the meds/armor/weapons etc. that are placed on the garden floor. The 'Farm' list is of those himes who DO NOT have their 'eat' functions unlocked therefore they will 'take' all the Brush of [Stat] 

As you can see: it is very easy to max out the Atk/Def of a hime. This is because of the many Weapons = Atk boost and Armor = Def boost that are readily available in the Daily Dungeon. Also, the abundance of Sweet Potato = Def