Hello, I'm Sanzuwu and I'll just jot down what I know so far about Monster Unity.

Usually you shouldn't do this, you're wasting EXP and stuff. However, certain unities are rather useful (for example: Kodama, Ghost Cat) for all stages of the game. Also, certain monsters cannot be obtained outside of unity. So if you want to [catch them all], you will have to do this eventually.

I'll go down the catalog list and list the unities I know so far, hopefully I'll be adding more as I get farther into the game (and have the EXP to spare):

Monster UnityEdit

Base Monster Result Monster Success Chance Special Material
Kodama Rat Iron Rat 80%
Ghost Sandal Yamaoroshi 80%
Yamaoroshi Centipede ?
Kawauso Koufuku 68%
No Face Evil Kamaitachi 80%
Kamaitachi Sunekosuri 70%
Sunekosuri Itsumaden 60%
Kookaburra Keukegen ?
Keukegen Evil Smoke ?
Red Bean Blue Demon 90%
Blue Demon Red Demon ?
Red Demon White Swell 80%
Three-legged Raven Paper Lantern 80%
Paper Lantern Crimson Lantern / Fire Fox ?
Fire Fox Hundred-eyed Demon / Wild Fire 80%
Wild Fire Unknown Fire / Fire Demon 80%
Bone Ronin Bone Samurai 80%
Bone Samurai Invincible Skeleton 75%
Kappa Suiko 80%
Suiko Snow Priest 70%
Snow Priest Sea Devil 55%
Kodama Hinatengu / Sumikowarashi 90%
Waira Giant Boar 80%
Chimi Five Virtue Cat 80% Mouryou
Mouryou Five Virtue Cat 80% Chimi
Five Virtue Cat Luck Cat / Gold Fire 80%
Skull Spider Earth Spider 80%
Kudan Buffalo Demon 70%
Buffalo Demon Thousand-year Bamboo 60%
Thousand-year Bamboo Houkou ?
Ghost Cat Luck Cat / Fire Wolf 90%
Fire Wolf Hizama 80%
Rokurokubi Blue Running Lantern / Kudan 70%
Evil Maiden Ghost Ship Spirit 80%
Nurikabe One-legged Bellows 70%
One-legged Bellows Kijimuna 70%

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