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Trade Quest PatternsEdit

Name Item Effect Obtained Notes
Pattern of Basic Race
Pattern of Basic
Summon Basic‏‎ Himes  Used to be 80k before 20% discount event
Pattern of Variant Basic no photo yet Summon Variant Basic‏ ‎Himes This used to be an event-only item. See Warm Up Part 2
Pattern of Elite no photo yet Summon Elite Himes
Pattern of Rare no photo yet Summon Rare‏‎ Himes
Pattern of Variant Elite Race No photo yet Summon Variant Elite
Pattern of Foreign Race Summon Summon Foreign‏ Himes
Pattern of Superior Race no photo yet Summon Superior Himes
Pattern of Extremely Rare Race no photo yet Summon Extremely Rare‏ Himes
Pattern of Superior Extremely Rare Race No photo yet Summon Superior Extremely Rare Himes

Subjugation Quest :

Pattern of Variant Superior Race  no photo yet Summon Variant Superior‏ Himes
Pattern of Foreign Rare Race no photo yet Summon Foreign Rare‏ Himes
Pattern of Ultimate Extremely Rare Race No photo yet Summon Ultimate Extremely Rare‏‎ Himes
Pattern of

Variant Superior Extremely Rare Race

Summon Variant Superior Extremely RareHimes

Event PatternsEdit

Name Item Effect Obtained
Pattern of Special Kisshouten
Pattern of Sp Kisshouten
Summon Special Kisshouten from Event Quests
Pattern of Special Izuna
Pattern of Sp Izuna
Summon Special Izuna from Event Quests

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