Map Three Subjugations

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This used to be a beautiful lake. But now poisonous gas has covered it thickly that no one dares to come around.

Exp 850 1250 1650
Floors 4
Rooms 2
Poisonous Marsh

You will receive AP Recovery Pill x3 after clearing this subjugation.
In addition, you will unlock Fort of Spearman.


Floor 1, Waves 1-2:

Floor 2, Waves 1-2:

Floor 3, Waves 1-2:

Floor 4, Waves 1-2, Boss: This is is a very challenging floor.

Monster Stats(Bronze)
No idea how accurate this is, use at ur own risk.
  • Giant Clam: 300HP | 130STR | 210DEF | 120AGI | 3% Crit-Rate
  • Kappa: 280HP | 187STR | 190DEF | 120AGI | 3% Crit-Rate
  • Gion Shark: 630HP | 216STR | 62DEF | 255AGI | 3% Crit-Rate
  • Evil Skull: 1068HP | 225STR | 80DEF | 93AGI
  • Evil Maiden: ?
  • Zan: 503HP | 360STR | 60DEF | 280AGI
Silver Difficulty
Same waves as Bronze, just higher stats.
Gold Difficulty

Same waves as Bronze and Silver, just even higher stats.
Some monsters now have skill:



Floor 1:Edit

Floor 2:Edit

Floor 3:Edit

Final FloorEdit


Most enemies you will encounter in the Poisonous Marsh, including the boss, are Sword Type.

As you progress through the floors, you will fight increasing numbers of enemies, as many as 4 at a time is possible to encounter on floor 3.

  • Tip: Avoid bringing ANY spear or bow type hime to this dungeon if possible. Ideally, frontline your strongest axe and sword hime, and backline your best mage hime with at least 1-2 recovery (healing) type hime.
  • Tip: Evil Skull / Evil Maiden, will deal axe damage to every hime in your front row (AoE damage). Make sure you switch in a healer before killing Evil Skull, so that your front line gets healed.
  • Boss Guide:

Zan is a boss with the capability to one-shot or two-shot even some of the best hime you have. If your hime are not focus firing the same Zan, try switching them to the back row and front row again to try and reset their target. It's important not to split your DPS across the 3 Zan or you decrease chances of winning even more.

As stated at the start of this guide, it's very inadvisable to use any Spear or Bow type hime on Zan. They will deal less damage as well as dying almost instantly to a single attack unless you are very lucky.

Try to balance swapping in your healer(s) with nuking Zan with your strongest hime. Magic hime in your back row can be key here, but their low defensive stats mean that you may want to balance their attacks carefully by mixing in your Sword and Axe hime as attackers.

Zan appears to have extremely high AGI so you will almost always get attacked first.

Because of Zan's very strong stats and the fact that there are 3 of them, RNG may play a decisive factor as to whether you are capable of winning this fight.

Good luck!

Tondilew tips to clear poisonous marsh 3rd map Shikihime Garden04:57

Tondilew tips to clear poisonous marsh 3rd map Shikihime Garden

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