Note - Sometimes these are rewarded in an event but afterwards are available in the shop.

Name Item Obtained Notes
Pond with a Pine Tree
A pond with a hundred-year-old pine tree. But the tree is withering
Pond with a Pine Tree
Pond with a Dry Pine Tree
A pond with a hundred-year-old pine tree. But the leaves have withered and shows no sign of green leaves.
Pone with a Dry Pine Tree
Tutorial Gift from Koume Oh and before I forget, to pay my gratitude to your efforts, I will clean up the pond in your garden for you.
Pond with a Green Pine Tree
A pond with a hundred-year-old pine tree. The tree grows luxuriantly.
Pone with a Green Pine Tree

Subjugation Quest

Devote Quest

  • Place [Pond with a Green Pine Tree] in the garden = Guide Book I
Pond with Blossom Sakura Tree
A ponf with blossom Sakura tree instead of a pine tree.
Shikihime often come here to enjoy flowers.
Pond with Blossom
Pond with Green Sakura Tree
A pond with beautiful Sakura leaves on its surface. It is full of life energy.
Pond with Green
Pond with autumn leaves
A pond with maple tree.
It's autumn leaves is very vividly.
Pond with Kaki Tree
A pond with kaki tree.
Its fruits are very sweet.
Pond with Ginkgo Tree
A pond with Ginkgo tree.
Be careful, not to step on the ginkgo.
Pond with Chestnut Tree
A pond with chestnut tree.
It's touch the moth.
Pond of Best Wishes
A pond with a beautiful tree on which people hang their charms praying for best luck.
Pond of Best Wishes
Pond of Chocolate
A pond made from a lot of chocolate.
Pond of Chocolate

Event Quest‏:

Available during Sweet Week of August

Fire Pond
A pond of burning magma.
Fire Pond
Origami Pond
A beautiful pond made from a lot of origami.
Origami Pond

Event Quest‏:

Available during Collect Items for Special Shikihime event
Pond of Red Blood
A pond that has been dyed in red blood. The tree seems to start moving at any moment.
Pond of Red Blood
Pond With Christmas Tree
Pond with Christmas tree in the middle.

Event Quest‏:

Frozen Pond
Pond is frozen in cold winter.
Frozen Pond
Only obtainable if you meet Yukionna during It's Christmas Time Let's Celebrate: Also available in Shop for 500 Power during the same event.

Tanabata Pond
A pond with bamboo.


Event Quest:

Pond of Coral
A pond that you can see colorful coral reefs at the bottom.
Hidden Spring
A secret srping where Shikihime can relax. Orihime dug this by accident.
A fountain gives soothing sound of gushing water.
Event Quest:

Fountain Pond

A type of fountain.

Fountain Pond

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