• Rice Ball Shop lv. 1
  • Rice Ball Shop lv. 2

This shop gives delicious rice balls.

The Rice Ball Shop, run by Guhin, produces 1 random Rice Ball every minute. It can hold a maximum of 10 riceballs.

To obtain Rice Ball Shop complete the 
Subjugation Quest: Attack Training Cave 1 time

This shop can be upgraded using Guide Books:

The first upgrade requires 10 Guide Book I.
The second upgrade requires 10 Guide Book II.

Devote Quests :

This Rice Ball Shop can produce the following Boost Items 
Note* (Max capacity for each type = 10 as of 18th July 2018)

Name Item Effect Obtained
Salt Rice Ball 
A type of rice ball seasoned with salt.
Onigiri1 HP +50

Lv. 1 Shop only


Seaweed Rice Ball 
A type of rice ball rolled in seaweed. Guess what is inside?
Onigiri2 HP +100

Lv. 2+ Shop


Algae Rice Ball 
A type of rice ball rolled in algae. It has salty taste of the sea.
Onigiri3 HP +120 Lv. 2+ Shop
Perilla Rice Ball 
A type of rice ball rolled in red perilla leaves. Both color and taste are wonderful.


Onigiri4 HP + 150 Lv. 3 Shop only

Rice BallsEdit

Rice balls are important as it is one of the most practical methods to heal your Himes.

When placed on the floor of your garden, injured Himes will go towards it and eat, even if Eat Action hasn't been unlocked.

Note - Special Monsters can be healed by eating rice balls, just like Himes.