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Title: Reason of the Lost One

Starring: Akki and Kogarasumaru

ChibiAkki Well, I owe you this time. I really thought you would not come back. 

ChibiKogarasumaru It is good to have you back. Every one is so worried about you! Why did you go to a place like that? I heard that you went to the Temple of Flowers as every one. 

ChibiAkki Ah, it is funny... I thought I followed right to the map. 

ChibiKogarasumaruYou also have poor sense of direction? 

ChibiAkki What? No! No!

ChibiKogarasumaru To go to the Temple of Flowers, you just need to go out of the garden, then travel to the West right?

ChibiAkki The West? Does the West mean the left? 


ChibiAkki Because on the map it says just go to the left and you will come to the right place. So whenever I see a corner, I just turn left. 

ChibiKogarasumaru Akki... 

Finally everyone gathered at the Temple of Flowers, while Akki still wandered around.