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Note*: To unlock this quest you must first defeat Fire Soul  at Deserted Mine

Title: Furutsubaki and Taroubou
Starring: FurutsubakiTaroubou, and Kogarasumaru

ChibiFurutsubaki Oh, Tara-chan is coming! I must hide!

ChibiTaroubou A training target... Furutsubaki is talking in the dark? But no one is talking. It must be a ghost!

ChibiFurutsubaki Who is speaking?

ChibiTaroubou Uwaaa! A talking doll!

ChibiFurutsubaki Hahaha! I got you!

ChibiTaroubou Furustsubaki!!! (o.O spelling mishap!!)

ChibiFurutsubaki Even firm Tara-chan still has her fear indeed.

ChibiTaroubou Furutsubaki! What a pity... I was just about to tell a ghost story... That scarecrow over there... It can move at night!

ChibiFurutsubaki Not again. Scarecrows do not move! Tara-chan is bad at lying. There is no way that... Aaaaaa!

ChibiTaroubou What? Aaaaaa! What a shock! It really moved! But I was just bluffing...

ChibiFurutsubaki I never heard this before! But I don't think it can really move!

ChibiTaroubou ......!? Just a moment... Furutsubaki will go with me?

ChibiFurutsubaki Tarou-chan has seen it while I haven't. So bizarre! I start feeling uneasy...

ChibiTaroubou ......

ChibiKogarasumaru Oh, Taroubou. Furutsubaki. Hello!

ChibiTaroubouKogarasumaru! That scarecrow! It moved!

ChibiKogarasumaru That scarecrow? It does move sometimes.

ChibiTaroubou...... Furutsubaki! You know that, don't you? I will give you a lesson!

ChibiFurutsubaki Taro-chan! Stop waving your fan! Aaaaaaa!

ChibiKogarasumaru Why can that scarecrow move anyway?

Furutsubaki was then blown away by the fan of Taroubou!