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Note*: To unlock this quest you must first defeat Hizama  at Mourning Mountain Pass

Title: Earnest Ibarakadouji

Starring: Ibarakidouji  and Karasutengu

ChibiKarasutenguAh, here you are! Ibarakidouji!

ChibiIbarakidouji Huh, Karasutengu?

ChibiKarasutenguI bring here some lucky charms made by Yokoshimaoni! I want to give you one charm. Which color do you like? Red or light green?

ChibiIbarakidouji Red! I like the red one! 

ChibiKarasutenguBut you always use red clothes and stuffs? Sometimes changing to a new one is good, isn't it?

ChibiIbarakidouji But I have decided to stick to red color forever!

ChibiKarasutengu I see. Then the red one is for you. 

ChibiIbarakidouji Thank you! 

ChibiKarasutengu I am hungry. Let's eat some rice balls.

ChibiIbarakidouji Yeah! Let's go!

ChibiKarasutengu Hey! There are some special rice balls! 

ChibiIbarakidouji Really? I choose red fish rice ball! I always have it at home. 

ChibiKarasutengu Ibarakidouji is so good at sticking to your habits. I will take tofu rice ball! So tasteless... it fails me...

ChibiIbarakidouji Red fish rice ball is delicioius. It is grilled on fire! Lovely!

ChibiKarasutengu But while you are eating, why don't you put your weapon down?

ChibiIbarakidouji No way! Maka-chan must be by my side! Hey, Karasutengu! Watch out!

ChibiKarasutengu Yike!

ChibiIbarakidouji That's a close one. Lucky that nothing happened. Maka-chan has cut down the tree branch falling here. 

ChibiKarasutengu Thank you, Ibarakidouji! Keeping a habit is not always bad, is it?

Ibarakidouji has shared half of her meal for Karasutengu.