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Title: Friend of Izuna

Starring: Izuna  and Shirousagi

ChibiShirousagiAh, Izuna!

ChibiIzuna Shirousagi! Hi!

ChibiShirousagi Hi! Izuna, your tail looks so bristling.

ChibiIzuna Yeah, indeed!

ChibiShirousagi  That is so lovely!

ChibiIzuna Thank you! Shirousagi! Your tail looks quite bushy! So cute!

ChibiShirousagi Hee hee, thanks. Having friends in the garden is so fun.

ChibiIzuna [player name] is also very kind.

ChibiShirousagi Meeting you today makes me so happy!

ChibiIzuna Yeah! Me too! Ah, I have some rice balls here. Come and eat with me!

ChibiShirousagi Thanks, Izuna. Some flowers for you!

ChibiIzuna Flowers? Thank you so much! I love flowers!

Those flowers were so beautiful that Izuna could not leave them for the whole day.

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