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Title: Good at Sewing

Starring: Jaki  and Tengu

ChibiTengu That Bone Ronin! It'll be another hundred years before he could hit me!

ChibiJaki What happened? It seems you are not in a good mood.

ChibiTenguJaki! Please look at this!

ChibiJaki That!? Your coat is torn badly!

ChibiTenguI encountered a Bone Ronin lately!

I managed to dodge all his attacks, but I underestimated that rusty sword! I tore my coat so bad!

ChibiJaki That is just an accident.

ChibiTengu Therefore, I must sew it now.....

Ouch!! I stabbed my finger again! Again!!! That monster is unforgivable!

ChibiJaki Let me try. This coat is made of wool.

So you should do it this way... If you sew it like this, it will be more beautiful.

ChibiTengu Wow. I am surprised. Jaki is so good at sewing.

ChibiJaki Just that when I was young, I was quite naughty, and often made my costume torn.

Then I  must mend them myself. So I become good at sewing.

ChibiTenguI see... So if my coat is torn again, can I ask for your help?

ChibiJaki No, Tengu you should try harder to finish the enemies before they could lay a hand on you !!!

After her coat is mended, Tengu and Jaki went on subjugation again to battle some monsters.