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Title:  Talk With Kaguya
Starring: Kaguya    and Otsuno

ChibiKaguya  Otsuno!! Miu-tonpi-!!

ChibiOtsuno Hi Kaguya Aha, Miu-tonpi-!!

ChibiKaguya Look! This is a pulper!

ChibiOtsuno Really! I know you live on the moon. But I didn't know you have a pulper.

ChibiKaguya It's true ✩ Well, everyone is really nice this month♪

ChibiOtsuno It's fun to see everyone is nice. I don't know how but there are a lot of fun!!! Haha

ChibiKaguya I wish all monsters became cotton candy!

ChibiOtsuno I see. Cotton candy is nice. Everything is cotton candy. But it will become really sticky?

ChibiKaguya Yess ✩ Haha♪  Puppukupu vuivuivui ✩

ChibiOtsuno Vuivuivui? Haha you certainly used weird words like vuivui, myunmyun, pipurupipuru a lot.  And you say Mmmm when you are watching the moon.


And the conversation between Kaguya and Otsuno lasted very long 

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