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Note*: To unlock this quest you must first defeat Evil Maiden at Marsh

Title:  Kisshouten and the sweet shop
Starring: Kisshouten  and Shisar

ChibiKisshouten Shisar, let's go to the sweet shop!

ChibiShisarYeah, Kisshouten! It has been quite some time since our last visit. I can't wait!

ChibiKisshouten Ah, Shisar, you haven't gone there before, have you?

ChibiShisar Right, but I heard they have sesame flavoured dango there.

ChibiKisshouten What? Sesame flavour? That is not lovely!

ChibiShisar Foods need to be lovely?... So how about a Kintsubo?

ChibiKisshouten Kintsubo is so tough. Hearing its name makes me feel irritable!

ChibiShisar I don't know that you hate Kintsubo.

ChibiKisshouten Giving our efforts coming there, why don't we call something that sounds more girly???

ChibiShisar Something for girls? Hmmm, sounds difficult. Something soft and sweet and cute! Kuzumochi?

ChibiKisshouten Kuzumochi? It lacks elegance...

ChibiShisar...round and lovely... Yomogi Mochi?

ChibiKisshouten Yomogi Mochi? It is so green that it isn't lovely at all!

ChibiShisar Why isn't green lovely? 

ChibiKisshouten I see it like that. Hey, give us 2 special ice cream of strawberry, red bean and honey!

ChibiShisar Wait a minute! I want a Mitarashi Dango! But Mitarashi Dango is so simple. Not good!

ChibiKisshouten But it is delicious.

ChibiShisar Really? So give me a three color Dango!

ChibiKisshouten A three color Dango? It is not fashionable, isn't it?

ChibiShisar Hmm, being girly is so hard...

Kisshouten and Shisar have spent a pleasant day at the sweet shop.

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