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Title: Sadness of Kogarasumaru

Starring: Kogarasumaru  and Guhin

ChibiKogarasumaru Phew... So tired...

ChibiGuhin Hi, Kogarasumaru.

ChibiKogarasumaru Oh, hi, Guhin. I have returned safely from the Cave of Training.

ChibiGuhin You must be exhausted. But why do you look so sad?

ChibiKogarasumaru No. No problem at all. I play in the garden as usual but... [player name] look quite annoyed... (bwahahaha)

ChibiGuhin Ah, I see. [player name], smiling does not hurt, does it? Being busy keeps you happy right?

ChibiKogarasumaruYeah, but...

ChibiGuhin Do not think too much. Just focus on getting rid of monsters. That is the best way to pay our debt. But you are tired. How about a rice ball? 

ChibiKogarasumaru That is great. Thank you very much.

ChibiGuhin Come on, please enjoy... ? What?

ChibiKogarasumaru What happened? 

ChibiGuhin I remember that I have made a few rice balls and put them right here... 

ChibiKogarasumaru Guhin, look over there. 

ChibiGuhin ? 

ChibiKogarasumaru What is that big bag that Koume is keeping? She is gobbling up something...

ChibiGuhin Don't tell me... ... ... This behaviour must be punished. Kogarasumaru I have something to do. I must leave now. 

ChibiKogarasumaru Some grains still stick on her lips...  What? Oh, yes. 

Hearing the cry of Koume made Kogarasumaru forget all the sadness.