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Title: Fight! Komainu!

Starring: Komainu   and Oyuki

ChibiKomainu Ohh------! Ohh----! It hurts ----!

ChibiOyukiWhat the... ! You stupid Komainu! What are you doing? 

ChibiKomainu I am lost to the pond ---!

ChibiOyukiYou are lost to the pond? What do you mean? Alright... I have cured you injury. How do you feel? 

ChibiKomainuWell... well...  The pain is gone!

ChibiOyukiSo what are you doing in this pond? 

ChibiKomainu I dropped my spear in the pond, so I jumped down! But the pond is shallow! So I hit my head!

ChibiOyukiHit your head? You are stupid, Komainu...

ChibiKomainuBut it hurts no more! Thank you so much!

ChibiOyukiHey, Komainu! You come at the right time. [player name] and I are about to go to subjugation land. Do you want to join us? 

ChibiKomainuSubjugation land? I got it! Oyuki, thanks for healing me! I can go on subjugation now!

ChibiOyuki Al right, just be careful out there. 

When Komainu realizes she left her spear in the pond, that is when she encounters a fierce monster...