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Note*: To unlock this quest you must first defeat Evil Smoke

Title: Do You Like Rainy Days?
Starring: Korobokkuru  and Nekomata

ChibiNekomata Heh! It's raining.

ChibiKorobokkuruOh, right.

ChibiNekomata Just when I'm about to take a nap under the porch.

ChibiKorobokkuru It seems to be a heavy rain.

ChibiNekomata Really!

ChibiKorobokkuru The weather in my homeland is far colder! Snow rain falls every day!

ChibiNekomata What? Snow? I hate snow! It is worse than rainy days.

ChibiKorobokkuru Nekomata will be frozen if staying in my homeland.

ChibiNekomata But if it was a day like this, I might fell asleep under the porch!

ChibiKorobokkuru But I love rain! The sound when you step on puddle of rain is so pleasant!

ChibiNekomata Water? I'm scared of water!

ChibiKorobokkuru Besides, walking in the rain under the butterbur plant is quite interesting!

ChibiNekomata I hate rain because you will be wet even if using an umbrella!

ChibiKorobokkuru You are a rain-hater, aren't you? Anyway I will play at your house today!

ChibiNekomata Playing? But it's raining! What? Hahahaha!

ChibiKorobokkuru Heeheehee! Feel the tickling from Korobokkuru's tail!

ChibiNekomata Hahaha!

ChibiKorobokkuru Playing at home in rainy days is still run, isn't it?

Korobokkuru has played with Nekomata until the rain stopped.