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Title: The Goal of Today

Starring: Kurousagi  and Otsuno

ChibiKurousagi I have come to the garden but ... I still do not talk to anyone yet... I must try hard to talk to somebody. That will be the goal of today! Ah... Shirousagi! ... must try harder! Hey, hey, ...

Otsuno Hey, yesterday I have come to a sweet shop. Their tea was so hot that I couldn't drink at first. Kogarasumaru was also there with me. 

ChibiKurousagi Ah.... Otsuno?

Otsuno Though it was hot, I still tried best to drink it! Sometimes I am amazed at my ability! People at the shop always praise the tea. But I think it is not different from others.

ChibiKurousagi This is the time I should try to smile! Uhm... 

Otsuno Although their tea made me surprised, their sweet is truly delicious! I was worried about Kogarasumaru when she tried to eat them with me.

ChibiKurousagi Yes! Yes!

Otsuno Kogarasumaru is so funny, you know. She cried and drank tea at the same time! What a lovely scene! Hahaha. Is it? Do you think like me? 

ChibiKurousagi ... Yes! Yes!

OtsunoAh, speaking of it, I have an appointment with Kurakakemiya at the Rice Ball Shop. Although she often tolerates my bad habit of being late, I cannot risk her temper... So, Kurousagi, see you later. 

ChibiKurousagi Yes, bye bye. ... Mission accomplished!

Then Kurousagi felt so happy all that day long.