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Note*: To unlock this quest you must first defeat Kinnara   

Title:  The Fairy Tail
Starring: Kyuubi    and Shirousagi

ChibiShirousagi Hey! What is that soft thing? So soft and fluffy...

ChibiKyuubiYike! What is it!?

ChibiShirousagi Hm, Kyuubi-san?

ChibiKyuubi Shirousagi-chan? Why do you touch my tail suddenly?

ChibiShirousagi Sorry so much! I don't know that is your tail!

ChibiKyuubi It's alright. I was just startled a bit.

ChibiShirousagi Your tail is so soft indeed.

ChibiKyuubi Really? Just touch it if you want. 

ChibiShirousagi My tail is so small. It doesn't feel like yours.

ChibiKyuubi But yours is also lovely!

ChibiShirousagi Really! Heehee... But your tails are so many...

ChibiKyuubi Yes! Cause I have 9 tails!

ChibiShirousagi I only have 1. So unfair...

ChibiKyuubi What is so interesting about having many tails?

ChibiShirousagi Will I have more tails when I grow up?

ChibiKyuubi I think no...

ChibiShirousagi Is it? Heehee... So soft and fluffy...

ChibiKyuubi What are you doing?

ChibiShirousagi Touching your tail makes me feel excited!

ChibiKyuubi ... ... Of course! Who doesn't like these soft tails?

Kyuubi let Shirousagi continue touching her soft tails.

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