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Title: Afternoon Nap of Nekomata

Starring: Nekomata  and Komainu

ChibiNekomata Taking an afternoon nap is a hobby of cats, isn't it?

ChibiKomainu Yup!

ChibiNekomata Ah ha!

ChibiKomainu Jump right into the pond? I like cold water. 

ChibiNekomata You're splashing water everywhere!

ChibiKomainu That is fun. Don't you think?

ChibiNekomata The weather today is so good. You don't take a nap?

ChibiKomainu I will go for a stroll!

ChibiNekomata Komainu is so noisy. That ruined my afternoon nap. Next time I must have my nap properly. What... ?!?! A butterfly! Leave it to me!

ChibiKomainu Oh yeah! Another one!

ChibiNekomata Wait, I'm coming!

ChibiKomainu Just a minute!

ChibiNekomata Hey, wait for me!

Nekomata has grown more fondness towards Komainu thanks to butterflies.

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