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Title: Surprising Ability

Starring: Orihime  and Akki

ChibiAkki Phew, so tired... Let's take a break! I cannot do farming anymore!

ChibiOrihime Huh, Akki, exhausted already?

ChibiAkki Yes, I'm not good at this thing. What about you, Orihime?

ChibiOrihime I am alright. You should not work so hard.

ChibiAkki My hands hurt so bad! But why do I feel nothing when swinging the axe?

ChibiOrihime Abusing these tools will cause you pain... Don't blow it so strong, just swing gently.

ChibiAkki Cool... Orihime, how do you know that?

ChibiOrihime Well... How can I put this... Besides, I know how to plough...

ChibiAkkiGreat! I am sure you have much experience in these things...

Then no matter how Akki tried to ask, Orihime would speak nothing of her past.