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Note*: To unlock this quest you must first defeat Oshira  at Forest of Delusion

Title: The Afternoon of Senri
Starring: Senri   and Kogarasumaru

ChibiSenri My arms hurt so bad... It must be my age!

ChibiKogarasumaru Hi, Senri! Want some massage?

ChibiSenri So I will be in your care.

ChibiKogarasumaru Yeah!

ChibiSenri Recently I am weary of my arm's bad state. What about you, Kogarasumaru?

ChibiKogarasumaru Well... I have some medicine from [player's name] so... But I hate its bitterness.

ChibiSenri You still cannot get used to it, can you?

ChibiKogarasumaru I feel so ashamed...

ChibiSenri Ah, this thing can help you. Please drink this tea. It will ease  the bitterness!

ChibiKogarasumaru Thank you!  I will try it! It... it...

ChibiSenri There is no more bitterness, right?

ChibiKogarasumaru Yes, it has certainly gone away! It makes me wanna puke!

ChibiSenri A little bit strange but delicious, isn't it?

ChibiKogarasumaru Yeah!

ChibiSenri Finally! Someone can know what true tea is. Here, some tea leaves for you. 

ChibiKogarasumaru Thank you very much!

ChibiSenri Hmm... Sorry, Kogarasumaru. It may not suit you well. You worry about me? You are quite mature, aren't you? 

ChibiKogarasumaru Ah... Senri is not my enemy right? Maybe I worry too much.

Senri makes good tea. Kogarasumaru pays her thank.