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Title: What do you like?

Starring: Shirousagi and Guhin

ChibiShirousagi Hmm... I'm hungry...

ChibiGuhin Good afternoon, Shirousagi

ChibiShirousagi Ah, Guhin. Hi.

ChibiGuhin I notice this... You always bring a big carrot on your back. You like carrots that much, don't you?

ChibiShirousagi Actually it is a quiver. It's shape is like a carrot, my favourite fruit.

ChibiGuhin Really! So clever!

ChibiShirousagi Very good, right? So Guhin, what do you like?

ChibiGuhinI like rice cake. Especially Five Element rice cake.

ChibiShirousagi Really. So why don't you make your fan into a rice cake?

ChibiGuhin My fan, into a rice cake?

ChibiShirousagiIf you make it like a big rice cake, you can always bring it by your side!

ChibiGuhin Ah I see, a big rice cake... Shirousagi always has interesting ideas.

ChibiShirousagi But if is a rice cake, monsters may eat it! Uhm... speaking of food...

ChibiGuhin I also feel hungry now. Let's go find something to eat.

ChibiShirousagi Yahoo! I will have lunch with Guhin!

Then Shirousagi and Guhin went to have a very delicious lunch.