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Title: Disaster of Shisar

Starring: Shisar   and Oyuki

ChibiShisar The weather today is good. I feel great!... What? Why is it cold suddenly... ???

ChibiOyukiWhy do you stay at a place like that? Grow up, please!

ChibiShisarWhat? Oyuki?

ChibiOyuki Stupid Komainu! I will freeze you to give you a lesson!

ChibiShisarWait, Oyuki! I'm not Komainu!

ChibiOyukiWhat? Shiisaar... ... Sorry. I mistook you with that fool Komainu... 

ChibiShisarWhy do you want to freeze Komainu again?

ChibiOyuki I want her to be the guardian beast for my ice collection.

ChibiShisarJust as usual... Forgive me... I cannot stand the cold. In my homeland Ryuuku, it is very warm. This garden seems to be cold sometimes.

ChibiOyuki Huh? You come from Ryuuku?

ChibiShisar Yes, I am the symbol for holiness there, just so you know. No matter what monsters confront me I am always protected.

ChibiOyuki... ... ...

ChibiShisar ... ... ... ?

ChibiOyuki ... ... You are quite cool!

ChibiShisar ... ... ... !

ChibiOyuki... ... The same appearance...

ChibiShisar Ouch!! Stop it!!

ChibiOyuki Komainu and Shisar! You two will be in my collection!

ChibiShisar So cold! I hate it!

The garden on that day was cold as ice... 

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